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Mar 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
hussein's legendary cruelty resulted in the near total destruction of the country's economy. the american bill for this latest war in iraq, according to a new study, will ultimately be $2.2 trillion which includes the cost of care for veterans who were injured in the war. as far as human cost goes the war claimed the lives of more than 4400 u.s. service people wounding over 100,000 more. to say nothing of the u.s. service members who survived two and throw tours of iraq, missed birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, struggled to keep relationships together and re-enter an economy with very weak job prospects. the toll for iraq and iraqis is simply staggering and impossible to fathom. a study found more than 600,000 iraqis were killed during the war. study used called cluster sampling which researchers take a sample and extrapolate broad results from the sample. lowest estimates of civilian deaths put the number around 150,000. still someone washington -- remarkably for a man that rose to prominence due partly to his opposition of the war, president obama appears to view the iraq war, war
Mar 16, 2013 5:00am PDT
-- >> it's love fest. >> look the political economy is clear. let's not fool ourselves. the initiative in new york was one initiative. it's silly to ban superize drinks and still have big gulp. they tried to impose a soda tax in california. that was defeated. there was discussion of a soda tax in the affordable care act and beverage industry went bananas. in vermont they are trying it. in hawaii. in each place it's been beaten back often with the power of money from big soda which doesn't want to see this and grass root support often from groups that represent people of color. this is not unique to new york. >> let me just say this. we talk about interesting coalitions. i'm standing in opposition to the soda ban with a conservative liber libertyian. the mayor exceeded his authority and trespassed on the jurisdiction on the new york city council and clearly he did not consult with the new york state council or new york state legislature and clearly this entity, this agency, this administrative agency never consulted with new york city council. now, for me the issue is really about physical edu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2